There is a bit of a genius in all of us!  Eduwear™ knows that from birth to age 5, 90% of your child's brain is developing at a rapid rate.  We know that without a solid foundation, children can lag behind in their educational journey.  However, your little ones want to play and have fun!  Our company has combined educational concepts, play, and clothing so that we met the needs of both parent and child.  Incorporating our products interweaves education into your child's daily routine, making learning a lifestyle.

EduWear has  partnered with  1,000 Books Before Kindergarten

​​​ To enhance your child’s reading experience, EduWear  and 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten have teamed up, to celebrate your child’s reading milestones.  EduWear  introduces language in unique ways, by providing fun and innovative educational products.

In early childhood, most children develop physically and cognitively through exploring, engaging and experimenting with their environment. Our clothing provides your child with tools to build awareness of the variety of symbols used to communicate.  Our products promote an enjoyable and meaningful way leading to early reading and writing. Your child can explore by realizing that their shirt has patches they can remove, look at and touch.  This activity encourages your child to start asking questions so that parents can engage in their child's learning.

The application process is your child's chance to test out the new ideas and concepts they are learning.  An average car ride changes into an opportunity for your child to start recognizing colors, shapes, and numbers.  Children love museums, use these field trips as a perfect opportunity to share their knowledge.  The application process will foster the qualities of creativity, active participation and will encourage a community of learners.