As your childs' first teacher, you play a vital role in your child's educational foundation.   Join us in making learning a lifetime adventure.




EduWear™  wants to team with parents in creating a world where education is an integral part of your childs daily life!

Each piece of clothing is designed to focus on the child’s intellectual, social, and emotional development.

Our shirts work in conjunction with interactive patches, which makes the clothing come alive for the child.  Each shirt comes with a  lesson plan to guide the parent while teaching their child.  The shirts will also come with a variety or combination of the following: books, worksheets, manipulatives, and games to take learning to a new level. Together, these educational elements provide a comprehensive teaching tool for children.   Learning can be fun, especially when children do not see it as a task, but an adventure.  Teaching is rewarding for parents when they can watch their child develop and expand their knowledge.

Why incorporate EduWear™ into your child’s daily lives?

Concepts build the foundation of knowledge; they allow kids to organize and categorize information.

Our Mission
Our company provides a fun and innovative way to educate the world’s children.  EduWear™ incorporates educational concepts in your child’s clothing, which makes learning a part of their daily routine.  EduWear™ provides parents with products to tap into their child’s genius, during their daily routine.  EduWear™ knows that from birth to age 5, children’s brains are developing rapidly and wants to encourage parents to make sure children have an alternative way to gain new knowledge. 

Eduwear™  is designed to reach a global market.  Education is in a state of transition, and we are on the cutting edge, by presenting our education tool in the format of clothing and accessories.  Our current market is hungry for out of the box thinkers, creating products that push through the confining limits of the status quo.  Children do learn in a variety of ways and Eduwear™ are pioneers in offering the new educational technology.  Teachers and parents are seeking new ways to help children compete globally; Eduwear™ provides a road to tapping into each child's genius.   The time is now to reinvent how we look at education.  Eduwear™ believes that the trend is changing, knowledge is in style.  Companies need our future workforce to be exceptional in science, technology, math and engineering.  Our products plant the seeds of brilliance and water the trees of genius with our movement because we believe that the search for knowledge is fun!  Today's economic trends have changed, forcing many parents to make cut backs in their family budget.  Eduwear™ offers parents the opportunity to educate their children with functional clothing.