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Sizes: X-Small (fits sizes 2-4), Small (fits sizes 6-8), Medium (fits sizes 10-12), Large (fits sizes 14-16) X-Large ( fits sizes18-20)

  • Interactive, educational and ready to use on the go
  • Consist of an analogue clock with movable hands and lesson plans
  • A tool to teach your child how to tell time
  • Encourages your child to understand time management and basic ordering numbers

¿Que Hora Es? (What Time Is It?) Interactive Educational T-shirt

SKU: 00665902
  • Your child will learn to tell time using this analog clock with movable minute and hour hands. Analog clocks are used in public buildings worldwide as a standard representation of time. Telling the time can be confusing when you're just starting, begin by introducing the general concept of time into your everyday conversations.

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